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Lemon Coast Campaign

(A fictitious brand, based on a real DOOH campaign). Delivered and independently verified through UniLIVE

Lemon Coast ran a DOOH campaign in the US to promote their destination to a US audience.


UniLIVE tracked and independently verified every play, on every screen, for the duration of the campaign providing market-first insights into the campaign’s delivery and enabled in-flight corrective action, to maximise the campaign’s performance.


Lemon Coast booked and deployed their Q1 campaign, promoting their destination across a range of DOOH screens in New York.


Using UniLIVE – and its powerful data analytics tool, Lemon Coast were able to monitor and report on their campaign performance in real time.


Mid-campaign, we identified a problem with the middle screen in a unit of three which was delivering 0.3% less plays than the left and right screens. Despite this, and thanks to the UniLIVE tech, the issue was resolved within 24 hours and additional plays were delivered in-flight to maintain the campaign’s performance.


Overall, the data provided market-first insights into campaign delivery, illustrating a 35% overshow of plays and a 44% over delivery in audience impacts, significantly outperforming the campaign’s booking targets.


Total playout delivery


Total plays


Digital screens


Total impacts