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Donut Delight Campaign

(A fictitious brand, based on a real digital of of home campaign). Delivered and independently verified through UniLIVE

In Spring 2021 Donut Delight ran a DOOH campaign to promote the launch of their newest special offer. With HFSS restrictions to adhere to, UniLIVE tracked and independently verified, every play ensuring that the campaign ran as it should.


In Spring 2021 Donut Delight ran a digital out-of-home campaign to promote their latest special offer across 3 out-of-home media networks. As an HFSS brand there were clear restrictions the campaign had to adhere to. UniLIVE were tasked with managing the creative delivery process and independently verifying the campaign ran as it should.


The campaign was planned to only run Sunday–Tuesday across the campaign period. Through the platform we were able to monitor the campaign delivery, which showed that these campaign parameters were adhered to, with Mondays & Tuesdays delivering the highest share of impacts.

Via the platform we could also monitor the impacts delivered by region. UniLIVE reported that the majority of impacts were in London and the Midlands, with the North West, South, South East and Yorkshire seeing smaller spikes. However Central Scotland slightly under delivered vs the campaign target for that region.


The campaign received a total of 9.53m plays versus 6.83m expected plays – an overshow of +39%. This resulted in the campaign delivering 32.97m impacts vs an expected 22.29m – a +48% increase vs what was booked.


Total playout delivery




Impacts received


Impact delivery