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Crafty Brew Campaign

(A fictitious brand, based on a real DOOH campaign). Delivered and independently verified through UniLIVE

Crafty Brew ran a digital-out-of-home campaign to launch their new beer brand in the UK and to celebrate outdoor culture as bars, pubs and restaurants re-opened their doors following lockdown.


UniLIVE streamlined the campaign creative delivery process and provided industry leading verified insights into the campaign’s performance.


In Summer 2020, a new beer brand, Crafty Brew, launched in the UK with a digital out of home campaign to celebrate outdoor culture and to welcome back customers as doors to pubs, bars and restaurants began to open following the easing of lockdown.


The campaign ran for 2 weeks during August across 900 displays, which included a wide range of formats. All creative executions were delivered and verified via the UniLIVE platform helping to streamline a complex creative delivery process.

As an alcohol brand the campaign had strict campaign parameters to adhere to, which included display times and restricted locations. UniLIVE independently verified and tracked every play across the campaign, and identified any playouts on screens outside of the campaign’s booked locations and restricted time periods.

The UniLIVE platform was able to report plays by time of day, which showed the campaign running from 11am onwards, with the bulk of impacts delivered after midday which aligned with the campaign’s parameters.


UniLIVE provided complete transparency and market-first insights into the campaign’s delivery.

The platform reported that the Crafty Brew campaign over-delivered on impacts, however, this was not always at the right time.

94% of the campaign plays were delivered within the booking schedule, meaning 98% of the impacts were delivered, however, the remaining impact shortfall was delivered outside of the campaign’s parameters.


Total playout delivery


Total plays


Digital screens


Total impacts