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All the power
at your fingertips


  • Smarter management for classic & digital OOH creative assets.

  • A single platform for media agencies, creative agencies, media owners & brands.

  • A comprehensive and up-to-date OOH specification database.

  • Automatic asset verification to ensure all creative assets meet vendor specifications prior to distribution.

  • Creative re-size production services available on request.
  • Sophisticated and automated creative assignment and allocation.

  • Scheduling copy instructions based on time, day & rotation.

  • Delivery & approval confirmation receipt.

  • Automated workflow notifications.

  • Auto-scheduling & self-serve content capabilities.

  • Campaign creative storage for +12 months.

  • 24/7 support team.


  • Fully independent 3rd party play-out verification.

  • Complete transparency & accountability into campaign performance.

  • Industry first play-out standardisation.

  • Monitor campaign delivery in-flight with real-time play out reporting.

  • Automated delivery notifications at pre-agreed thresholds.
  • Report on every DOOH screen in the UK.

  • View campaign performance by vendor, by screen, by hour level granularity.

  • Track play-outs by creative execution.

  • Automatically generate and download PCA’s.

  • Campaign data storage for +12 months.


  • Market-first insights into DOOH performance.

  • Powerful data analytics tool for advertisers and agencies.

  • Report on audience impression data.

  • Bespoke & customisable performance visualisation tools.
  • Fix issues in real time with delivery notifications and error reporting.

  • Report on the true media value achieved against the campaign booking.

  • Create a post-campaign analysis report at the click of a button.


Our mission is to empower advertisers and agencies to maximise their digital out of home campaign performance. Book a free 7-day trial today to see how UniLIVE can take your DOOH to the next level.