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5 Minutes With Iga Buchacz

Introducing the latest in our ‘5 Minutes Interview Series’. This month we spoke to Iga Buchacz one of the Data Analysts here at UniiLED.  Read below to find out why she loves working in DOOH, what her favourite UniLIVE feature is, and if she could do any job, for one day, what that would be.

what's your role at uniled?

As a Data Analyst I analyse campaign performance data for all our clients and report back on how their DOOH campaigns are performing.

what is your favourite unilive feature?

The ability to view how a campaign or media owner is performing ‘over time’. I’m a visual learner and for me, I find this the best way to view campaign performance. It’s also neat, easy to read and aesthetically pleasing!

what do you love most about working the dooh sector?

I love being part of one of the fastest-growing media sectors, it’s never dull!  I also get to keep track of what’s on TV, at the cinema, and new food and clothes to hit the shops by seeing all our clients’ campaigns.

how would you describe uniled in 3 words?




if you could do another job, for just one day, what would it be?

I would be a singer! I strongly believe I was born to be on the stage; however I’m not gifted at all and only my family and friends get the privilege to listen to my angelic voice.